Selected publications


LONGO FM and Massa SM. (2013).Small Molecule Modulation of Neurotrophin Receptors for the Treatment
of Neurological Disease.Nature Reviews Drug Discovery, 12:507-525 [This article was invited by Nature
Reviews reflecting the pioneering role of Drs. Longo and Massa in the field. Cover and featured article].

P75 Receptor - Primary Articles

Massa SM, Xie Y, Yang T, Harrington AW, Kim ML, Yoon SO, Kraemer R, Moore LA, Hempstead BL and LONGO
FM. (2006). Small, nonpeptide p75NTR ligands induce survival signaling and inhibit proNGF-induced death. J
Neurosci, 26:5288-5300.

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neurodegeneration and synaptic impairment. PLoS ONE, 3:e3604.

Knowles JK, Rajadas J, Nguyen TV. Yang T, LeMieux MC, Vander Griend L, Ishikawa C, Massa SM, Wyss-Coray T,
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and in vivo. J Neurosci, 29:10627-10637.

Bernabeu RO and LONGO FM. (2010). The p75 neurotrophin receptor is expressed by adult mouse dentate
progenitor cells and regulates neuronal and non-neuronal cell genesis. BMC Neurosci, 11:136.

Tep C, Lim TH, Ko PO, Getahun 5, Ryu JC, Goettl VM, Massa SM, Basso M, LONGO FM, and Yoon SO. (2013).
Oral administration of a small molecule targeted to block proNGF binding to p75 promotes myelin sparing
and functional recovery after spinal cord injury. J Neurosci, 33:397-410. PMCID: PMC3710149

KnowlesJK, SimmonsDA, NguyenT'1, Vander Griend L, XieY, ZhangH, YangT, PollakJ, ChangT, ArancioO,
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cognitive deficits and neurite degeneration in an Alzheimer's mouse model. Neurobiology of Aging, PMID:

Shi J, LONGO FM and Massa SM. (2013). A small molecule p75NTR ligand protects neurogenesis after
traumatic brain injury. STEM CELLS, 31:2561-2574. PMID: 23940017

Nguyen TV. Shen L, Vander Griend L, Quach LN, Belichenko Np, Saw N, Yang T, Shamloo M, Wyss-Coray T,
Massa SM, LONGO FM. (2014) Small Molecule p75NTR Ligands Reduce Pathological Phosphorylation and
Misfolding of Tau, Inflammatory Changes, Cholinergic Degeneration, and Cognitive Deficits in A~PPUS
Transgenic Mice. Journal of Alz Dis, 42:459-483.

Simmons DA, Knowles JK, Belichenko Np, Banerjee G, Finkle C, Massa SM, LONGO FM. (2014). A Small
Molecule p75NTR Ligand, LM11A-31, Reverses Cholinergic Neurite Dystrophy in Alzheimer's Disease Mouse
Models with Mid- to Late-Stage Disease Progression.PLoS One. Aug 25;9(8)

P75 Receptor - Abstract - First Place Award

First Place Award - European Commission Imaging of Neuroinflammation in Neurodegenerative Disease:
Symposium on Microglia Imaging and Biology - University of Manchester April 2014. Dr Michelle James
(Stanford University): [18F]GE-180-PET/MRI and ex vivo autoradiography detects reduced microglia activation
after LMllA-31 therapy in a mouse model of Alzheimer's disease.

Trk Receptor - Primary Articles

Massa SM, YangT XieY, ShiJ, BilgenM, Joyce IN, NehamaD, Rajadas J and LONGO FM. (2010). Small molecule
BDNF mimetics activate TrkB signaling and prevent neuronal degeneration in rodents. J Clin Invest, 120:

Schmid DA, Yang 1, Ogier M, Adams I, Mirakhur Y, Wang Q, Massa SM, LONGO FM, Katz DM. (2012).A TrkB
small molecule partial agonist rescues TrkB phosphorylation deficits and improves respiratory function in a
mouse model of Rett syndrome. J Neurosci,32:1803-1810.

Han J, Pollak J, Yang T, Siddiqui MR, Doyle KP, Taravosh-Lahn K, Cekanaviciute E, Han A, Goodman JZ, Jones B,

Jing D, Massa SM, LONGO FM, Buckwalter MS. (2012). Delayed administration of a small molecule TrkB ligand

promotes recovery after hypoxic-ischemic stroke. Stroke 43:1918-1924.

Simmons DA, Belichenko Np, Yang T, Condon C, Monbureau M, Shamloo M, Jing D, Massa SM, and LONGO
FM. (2013). A small molecule TrkB ligand reduces motor impairment and neuropathology in R6-2 and BACHD
mouse models of Huntington's Disease. J Neurosci, 33:18712-18727.

Kron M, Lang M, Adams I, Sceniak M, LONGO FM, and Katz DM (2014). A BDNF loop domain mimetic acutely
reverses spontaneous apneas and respiratory abnormalities during behavioral arousal in a mouse model of
Rett syndrome. Dis Model Mech, 7:1047-1055.